Studio Bizio is photography gallery based in Edinburgh, specialising in 20th century & contemporary photography but with occasional forays into other areas.
Studio Bizio was set up by collectors Andrew and Joanna Black who have been modern art collectors for the last 30 years.  They have collected Paintings, sculpture, photography, art books, African art and modern furniture, some or all of which will be presented in the gallery at some time.  The gallery will be showing work of both established and emerging artists. We have renovated the workshop of the previous business at the gallery's location so we are able to frame the work we are showing and also to offer the service to external customers.

Studio Bizio is a new gallery that supports fine art photography artists and collectors.  We cultivate and provide both new and more established collectors with access to some of the best fine art photography of the last and this century, across both classical and leading edge photo-based mediums.  The services we offer include curation, management of collections as well framing and installation.  We can work with collectors, curators, consultants and designers to deliver our service in our friendly, warm space.  If you are thinking about starting or adding to your collection, or are looking to sell on the secondary market, Studio Bizio can assist you.